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The Benefits Of Custom Coins

Almost a century ago the military started a beautiful tradition of challenge coins. These were either given by commanding officers to their squadrons or awarded as recognition of loyalty and bravery.

In the US, Presidents hand out coins in special ceremonies to recognize enlisted servicemen and veterans to show how the country appreciates their sacrifice and patriotism.
custom challenge coins
These coins are held in the highest regard and proudly displayed by owners even well after their tours of duty. Many veterans keep their coins on display or pass them down to their children and grandchildren.

This inspiring tradition crossed over from the military to civilian use. Many companies and organizations have begun to use custom coins for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of those.

Membership Token

One of the most powerful triggers in today’s society is the need to be part of something important and exclusive. Organizations are able to recruit members by tapping on this trigger. And what better way to prove membership in a select group than by having a beautiful custom coin to show. Social clubs and professional organizations alike have begun to give out coins that have their insignia to members. These are used to validate membership and are perfect for gatherings among different organization chapters.

These coins are also proudly displayed at homes creating an interesting tradition amongst families who have been members of these organizations for generations.

Performance Booster

Whether it’s for sales or service, employees are given performance indicators to ensure that they are being efficient. Using custom coins to recognize individuals who are exceeding performance expectations will be a great way to create friendly competition at work.

custom military coins

Coins can be customized to have the company’s logo and include a label of the award. These could be “Best Customer Service Representative” or “Highest in Sales”. Receiving these would be a visual representation of the company appreciates the employee’s hard work.

Spread Word about a Cause

There are organizations all over the world that support a cause that not a lot of people know about. This is a struggle that challenge coins can help address. By creating beautiful coins that bear the campaigns insignia or emblem, members can give these out to supporters to spread word about their cause.

It’s a unique way of creating awareness which certainly catches more attention than printed out fliers.

These coins are also used to show appreciation to sponsors and donors for their support and generous help to the organizations.

Mark Milestones

Schools and support groups are able to use custom coins to recognize being able to achieve a milestone. These last much longer than certificates and are something that the individual can carry around as a reminder of their success.

Alcohol and substance abuse support groups give members one of these coins if they are clean for a specific period of time. This helps individuals track and celebrate their progress and encourage them to keep going.

Companies also use challenge coins to recognize an employee’s loyalty to the company. These are used to award years of service both while being employed or at the time of the individual’s retirement.

Event Souvenirs

Challenge coins make elegant souvenirs for events such as anniversaries. These are usually handed out to people who have been instrumental to the company’s or organization’s success.

You too can bring this beautiful tradition to your company, organization or club. Introduce your members and employees to these elegant coins specially customized for them. Professional custom coins are sure to inspire better performance or create a sense of pride for whomever you create them for.

With today’s technology, you can have your very own coins created with your company insignia and emblem. These will certainly be something your members or employees would be proud to have and display.

With so many options available, from the shape to the type of metal, your custom coin will be exactly how you want it. Visit for more information and to get a free quote.

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    Post gives the different benefits of custom coins and various uses for business…Read this post here shows the many options available, from the shape to the type of metal, your custom coin will be exactly how you want it…Nice one…Thanks!!

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