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Other Things You Have To Know About Callaway Golf Clubs

Being one of the best brand names in the field of golf, it is not a wonder that the Callaway golf clubs are typically counterfeited. People who want to take advantage of other people even sell these products and make them pass off as authentic versions. The older versions of counterfeit products were then fairly easy to identify because the name of the product is typically misspelled. Also, the font can be entirely different from the original version.

Given these premises, counterfeiting has eventually turned out to become a form of mega industry through the years.

Golf ClubsIn fact, there were even organizations that do the same thing in different parts of the world. To date, many of the recent counterfeits are almost impossible to identify by amateurs. Fortunately, there remain simple methods for golfers that you can perform so you can protect yourself against buying cloned golf clubs.

First, you have to check out the hosel of your wood or driver for the serial number.

The hosel is the tiny metal joint that links the head with the shaft. The 8-iron is the part with the serial numbers if you are assessing a set of irons. However, you should take note that the presence of serial numbers does not readily mean that the golf club in question is authentic.

Next, you need to compare the golf club in question with authentic ones.

In some instances, comparing it with an authentic Callaway golf club picture will do. Subtle differences in logo, style, or even insignia can say a lot. This is the method that typically catches most of the counterfeit golf clubs if you are keen at close observation.

If you have doubts on your own ability to assess golf clubs, you may send the club in question to the company itself.

The company will do everything in its power to verify the golf club. If this is not a practical method for you at the moment, you may take the golf club to the pro shop of the local course in your area. You may also consult some professionals you know.

TaylorMade GolfAs soon as you are certain that you own authentic Callaway golf clubs, you have to make sure that you will take care of them so they can last longer.

Come spring time, you have to prepare your golf clubs for the local course opening in your area. The end of the golf clubs should be properly maintained and cleaned so you can use them for your peak performances. In turn, this can make your game even more enjoyable than usual.

For this activity, you have to prepare some tools and materials.

Preparing these things beforehand can make the task a lot easier for you because you do not have to reach for random tools in the process. Also, this can help promote a safe working environment for you and for the other people who are within the location.

• Windex wipes

• Soft cloth

• Soft toothbrush

• Dish detergent, around one tbsp

• Bucket

Prepare the cleaning solution.

Place some dish washing detergent in a bucket and add warm water, around two inches.

Place the heads of the clubs in water and allow them to soak for around five to ten minutes.

You need to make sure that the club ferrules not in contact with the water.

Loosen the dirt on the Callaway golf club face.

Do this using a soft brush or toothbrush. For the grooves, you may use some dried grass for cleaning. A tee’s pointed end can help get rid of stubborn dirt.

Rinse and dry the golf clubs.

Use cool water for rinsing. A dry and clean cloth works wonders when you dry your golf club faces with it.

Finally, clean the golf club grips.

Use paper towel with Windex wipes for this step. To prevent unnecessary dampness, the grips should be completely dry before you place them inside the bag.