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Frequently Asked Questions for Funeral Homes

Funeral HomeThere are a lot of funeral homes that say the same things and offer the same services. So how can you gauge which one is the best? Truthfully, there is no real gauge on how you can determine which funeral home is the best because it really depends on what you need and want when it comes to funeral service.

However, we at Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel & Crematory can proudly say that we can meet all the needs and wants of our clients. Since being established in 1948, we have slowly but surely risen to be recognized as the premier choice for funeral homes in the Knoxville area.

To help you give you a background of our company, as well as our offered services, here are some of the frequently asked questions (FAQs) that people ask about us:

FAQ # 1. Do you provide special requests on caskets and cremation containers?

The answer to this yes. Our company doesn’t only offer a wide range of selection for caskets and cremation containers but we also accommodate special requests by our clients.

FAQ # 2. Do you hold funeral services before or after cremation?

The decision as to which comes first? Funeral service of cremation, depends on what the family of the deceased want. However, most of the time, many choose to have a traditional funeral service first before cremation. We just follow what they want.

FAQ # 3. Do you offer assistance in the processing of benefits from social security and veteran death?

Absolutely yes. The truth is, compared to other funeral homes, we promise to do more than just help you in the processing and securing of the social security and veteran death benefits. Our personnel are trained to process all important documentations and paper works needed in the processing of these benefits to ensure that they will be claimed at the fastest time possible.

FAQ # 4. Do you allow pre-arranged funeral service deals?

Odd as it may seem, we allow pre-arranged funeral service deals with people who are thinking about their death in advance. At present, pre-funding and pre-arrangement of different funeral services are slowly becoming more ordinary. With pre-arrangement, you can have more than enough time to review your available options, thereby giving you an idea about what to choose. You can sleep peacefully at night, knowing that we will be taking care of you when the time comes that you will be finally laid to rest in peace.

FAQ # 5. What are the kinds of caskets that you have and how much?

Generally, there are two kinds of caskets: metal caskets and wooden caskets. The metal caskets can be made of copper, bronze of steel while the wooden caskets can be made of molave, mahogany or maple.

How much a casket will cost depends on the material used in making it and the design of its interior and exterior. In our funeral homes, a bronze casket usually costs more than a steel casket. On the other hand, a mahogany casket is more expensive compared to a softwood pine casket.

FAQ # 6. How much is the cost of a funeral service?

The actual cost of a complete funeral service package entirely depends on your chosen type. With us, the types of funeral cost can be associated with either the services we have given or the merchandise that was bought from us like an urn or casket.

FAQ # 7. Do you allow transfer of funeral service from one person to another?

Most funeral homes wouldn’t allow transfer of service from one person to another. However, with us, funeral service transfer is allowed in certain situations. By transacting with us in advance, our clients have more than enough time to change their mind and have their pre-arranged services transferred from them to other people as long as they are fully-paid and that there is an immediate need of the funeral service to be given to a family member who have just passed away.


FAQ # 8. Are there hidden charges in your services?

None! We have no hidden charges. All of our charges including the merchandise and services are open to all our clients. In addition and to avoid confusion, we have provided a general price list of all our services and charges.

FAQ # 9. What will happen to the remains of the cremated body?

There are many choices, and the final decision depends on the discretion of the family. They can either choose to bury the remains or have it placed inside an urn to display at home.

FAQ # 10. Do you offer embalming and how important is it?

We also offer embalming for clients who want a traditional funeral service for their departed loved ones. Embalming is important because it helps in preserving the deceased’s ashes.

The questions mentioned above in this article are only some of those that are frequently asked by our clients. Now that we have given you our answers to these questions, let us handle all your funeral requirements to reduce your burden.