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Storage Container Health Concerns

storage containerPeople nowadays are paranoid when it comes their health. Everything from GMO products, cancer agents, conventionally-produced-and-pesticide-bathe crops, electromagnetic radiation, UV radiation to soy products and pastries are bad. Hell, eating anything today or just enjoying the outdoors is bad!

What you have to remember is that every day we are exposed to thousands of substances that are bad for our health and to try to avoid those substances is futile. The body is actually fairly equipped to take on these substances (we did not become one of the most successful species to evolve on earth for nothing). If you really want to stay healthy, then make your body and your immune system stronger by exercising and eating healthily so your body is at its prime to take on the “bad world” that we live in.

This puts us at the issue of using storage containers for a variety of purposes and the health concerns associated to their use. If you want to know more then visit www.moveablecontainer.com. The following are some health concerns raised by some people in response to the widespread container building revolution:


This process requires bombarding the wooden flooring and wooden crates inside storage containers with potent chemicals that act as pesticides and fungicides to ensure that only the cargo are unloaded into the destination without the risk of spreading pests and diseases. Health concerns regarding these substances are becoming a major issue especially for those who are planning to call a storage container home. Now let us get two facts straight:

•Not all containers are treated with chemicals

Only around 15% of containers contain dangerous levels of chemicals for humans and of that, only 0.5% presents immediate risks to personnel who will directly handle cargo. It is worthy to note that for people to develop diseases, chronic and frequent exposure to the chemicals must happen first. Now, numbers and percentages do not matter if you are unfortunate enough to buy or rent a storage container from that 15%. What will you do now?

•Containers with dangerous chemicals can be treated to remove dangerous chemicals

Treatments to decontaminate storage containers exist, though these will  some money. However, the overall cost of building, for example, a house or office using a container will still be cheacostper than building a conventional house. Some use epoxy coating to cover decontaminated surfaces for extra “security” against toxic fumes.

Harmful chemicals from cargo

containerBenzene and Toluene from adhesives used in the cargo and other chemical emissions from freshly-produced factory goods can build up inside storage containers.

The health risks associated from these chemicals are less than fumigants but nevertheless, still significant. This is remedied by simply facilitating ventilation to remove or reduce the chemical hazards.

Paints used to protect the container

To make storage containers resistant enough to survive sea transport, it is best to use paints that are lead-based or have chromate and phosphorus. To eliminate the health hazards these paints produce, removal is recommended. Some removal methods range from sanding (hand or powered), wire brushing to heat stripping. It is important to wear the necessary gear and observe the safety precautions when removing the paint. Some people even measure the lead levels before they paint it again with the desired hazard-free paint.

Electro-magnetic fields (EMF)

The theory behind this is that because you are enclosed in a metal box, EMFs will be propagated more and thus may cause harm for you. The truth is, we are exposed everyday to low-levels of electro-magnetic fields (any electronic device generates low-level EMFs) so this is not new. Although exposure to high-levels of electromagnetic field can have adverse effects, there is currently no evidence to suggest that low-level EMFs can affect health.

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Other Things You Have To Know About Callaway Golf Clubs

Being one of the best brand names in the field of golf, it is not a wonder that the Callaway golf clubs are typically counterfeited. People who want to take advantage of other people even sell these products and make them pass off as authentic versions. The older versions of counterfeit products were then fairly easy to identify because the name of the product is typically misspelled. Also, the font can be entirely different from the original version.

Given these premises, counterfeiting has eventually turned out to become a form of mega industry through the years.

Golf ClubsIn fact, there were even organizations that do the same thing in different parts of the world. To date, many of the recent counterfeits are almost impossible to identify by amateurs. Fortunately, there remain simple methods for golfers that you can perform so you can protect yourself against buying cloned golf clubs.

First, you have to check out the hosel of your wood or driver for the serial number.

The hosel is the tiny metal joint that links the head with the shaft. The 8-iron is the part with the serial numbers if you are assessing a set of irons. However, you should take note that the presence of serial numbers does not readily mean that the golf club in question is authentic.

Next, you need to compare the golf club in question with authentic ones.

In some instances, comparing it with an authentic Callaway golf club picture will do. Subtle differences in logo, style, or even insignia can say a lot. This is the method that typically catches most of the counterfeit golf clubs if you are keen at close observation.

If you have doubts on your own ability to assess golf clubs, you may send the club in question to the company itself.

The company will do everything in its power to verify the golf club. If this is not a practical method for you at the moment, you may take the golf club to the pro shop of the local course in your area. You may also consult some professionals you know.

TaylorMade GolfAs soon as you are certain that you own authentic Callaway golf clubs, you have to make sure that you will take care of them so they can last longer.

Come spring time, you have to prepare your golf clubs for the local course opening in your area. The end of the golf clubs should be properly maintained and cleaned so you can use them for your peak performances. In turn, this can make your game even more enjoyable than usual.

For this activity, you have to prepare some tools and materials.

Preparing these things beforehand can make the task a lot easier for you because you do not have to reach for random tools in the process. Also, this can help promote a safe working environment for you and for the other people who are within the location.

• Windex wipes

• Soft cloth

• Soft toothbrush

• Dish detergent, around one tbsp

• Bucket

Prepare the cleaning solution.

Place some dish washing detergent in a bucket and add warm water, around two inches.

Place the heads of the clubs in water and allow them to soak for around five to ten minutes.

You need to make sure that the club ferrules not in contact with the water.

Loosen the dirt on the Callaway golf club face.

Do this using a soft brush or toothbrush. For the grooves, you may use some dried grass for cleaning. A tee’s pointed end can help get rid of stubborn dirt.

Rinse and dry the golf clubs.

Use cool water for rinsing. A dry and clean cloth works wonders when you dry your golf club faces with it.

Finally, clean the golf club grips.

Use paper towel with Windex wipes for this step. To prevent unnecessary dampness, the grips should be completely dry before you place them inside the bag.

The Benefits Of Custom Coins

Almost a century ago the military started a beautiful tradition of challenge coins. These were either given by commanding officers to their squadrons or awarded as recognition of loyalty and bravery.

In the US, Presidents hand out coins in special ceremonies to recognize enlisted servicemen and veterans to show how the country appreciates their sacrifice and patriotism.
custom challenge coins
These coins are held in the highest regard and proudly displayed by owners even well after their tours of duty. Many veterans keep their coins on display or pass them down to their children and grandchildren.

This inspiring tradition crossed over from the military to civilian use. Many companies and organizations have begun to use custom coins for a variety of reasons. Here are some examples of those.

Membership Token

One of the most powerful triggers in today’s society is the need to be part of something important and exclusive. Organizations are able to recruit members by tapping on this trigger. And what better way to prove membership in a select group than by having a beautiful custom coin to show. Social clubs and professional organizations alike have begun to give out coins that have their insignia to members. These are used to validate membership and are perfect for gatherings among different organization chapters.

These coins are also proudly displayed at homes creating an interesting tradition amongst families who have been members of these organizations for generations.

Performance Booster

Whether it’s for sales or service, employees are given performance indicators to ensure that they are being efficient. Using custom coins to recognize individuals who are exceeding performance expectations will be a great way to create friendly competition at work.

custom military coins

Coins can be customized to have the company’s logo and include a label of the award. These could be “Best Customer Service Representative” or “Highest in Sales”. Receiving these would be a visual representation of the company appreciates the employee’s hard work.

Spread Word about a Cause

There are organizations all over the world that support a cause that not a lot of people know about. This is a struggle that challenge coins can help address. By creating beautiful coins that bear the campaigns insignia or emblem, members can give these out to supporters to spread word about their cause.

It’s a unique way of creating awareness which certainly catches more attention than printed out fliers.

These coins are also used to show appreciation to sponsors and donors for their support and generous help to the organizations.

Mark Milestones

Schools and support groups are able to use custom coins to recognize being able to achieve a milestone. These last much longer than certificates and are something that the individual can carry around as a reminder of their success.

Alcohol and substance abuse support groups give members one of these coins if they are clean for a specific period of time. This helps individuals track and celebrate their progress and encourage them to keep going.

Companies also use challenge coins to recognize an employee’s loyalty to the company. These are used to award years of service both while being employed or at the time of the individual’s retirement.

Event Souvenirs

Challenge coins make elegant souvenirs for events such as anniversaries. These are usually handed out to people who have been instrumental to the company’s or organization’s success.

You too can bring this beautiful tradition to your company, organization or club. Introduce your members and employees to these elegant coins specially customized for them. Professional custom coins are sure to inspire better performance or create a sense of pride for whomever you create them for.

With today’s technology, you can have your very own coins created with your company insignia and emblem. These will certainly be something your members or employees would be proud to have and display.

With so many options available, from the shape to the type of metal, your custom coin will be exactly how you want it. Visit ChallengeCoins4Less.com for more information and to get a free quote.

PCB Fabrication Methods

PCBPrinted Circuit Board (PCB), also referred to as Printed Wiring Board (PWB), is a mechanical assembly method used to electrically connect components of a computer and other electronic devices. It consists of layers of fiber glass sheet laminated together with etched patterns of copper. Often, PCB fabrication companies also manufacture related products using the specifications provided by clients. The most common type of PCB is the FR-4.

Boards may either be single-sided or double-sided. Double-sided PCBs are often used when connecting the components of an electronic device on both sides. This is done by means of plated-through holes, in which the walls of every hole are copper-plated so that the conductive layers of the board are connected.

Methods in Making PCBs

Etching is considered the easiest and most cost-effective PCB fabrication method. In this method, the unnecessary portions of copper are removed from the plated board using a chemical solution. You must place a mask or a resist on the sections where you want the copper to remain after the process. These remaining sections are the traces of copper that transmit current between electronic devices.

Chemical etching can be done with any of the following solutions:

• Ferric Chloride

Ferric Chloride can be used on any metal and is cheaper and easier to get than other alternatives. When you set up an etching area for a PCB, use a ceramic or plastic sink, possibly with plastic screws and fittings, and seal all metal screws with silicone.

If you use this chemical solution, always choose the type called hex hydrate, which comes in light yellow powder. Dissolve this powder in warm water and you can add a teaspoon of salt for easier and clearer inspection.

• Ammonium Persulphate

This is a dry etchant and can be easily mixed for copper clad PCBs and other bearing materials. Sodium Persulphate has several unique advantages over Ferric Chloride and other similar etchants:

(a) Sanitation: Sodium Persulphate does not leave stain on skin, clothes, or tanks.

(b) Easy Rinsing: Sodium Persulphate can be rinsed easily and does not leave any residue in water.

(c) Fast Etching Speed: When it comes to etching speed, Sodium Persulphate is fast and maintains an unvarying etching rate during the entire course of its mix life.

As with all etching solutions, Sodium Persulphate also has some disadvantages:

(a) Short Active Life: Once mixed, Sodium Persulphate’s tank life is up to three weeks only, whether or not the solution is used.

(b) Aggressiveness: Sodium Persulphate attacks natural fibers like wool, cotton, and linen.

Direct Plating

This is an industrial method that is done on the board where you require a track. Direct plating uses costly industrial machine.

Copper Removal

Copper removal is a simple way to make prototypes. You can directly print your circuit with a high-priced PCB cutter plotter and a layout software. This PCB fabrication method is slow and time-consuming. Therefore, it is used only for the production of prototypes.

Send Out

In this method, the actual data which will be used by the board-makers are prepared and sent to a board house where professional PCBs are manufactured. The data usually include assembly and fabrication drawings, layout file, and drill file of the hole positions.

PCB Assembly

Board houses are necessary if you intend to develop a printed circuit board for mass production. When sending data files to a board house, make sure all files meet the requirements of that particular board house. This method is highly-expensive and time-consuming but the result is a professional, top-quality PCB that is complete with amenities such as solder mask, fine line traces, plated-through holes, and a screen of insertion layer printed on top.

Class Standards

There are currently three (3) class standards offered in the market:

• Class 1

This class is for General Electronic Products, as well as for verification and testing of designs.

• Class 2

This class is for cutting-edge business machines, communication equipment, and other Dedicated Service Electronic Products.

• Class 3

Class 3 products are often used in several types of aeronautics, military, and medical applications—all of which require highly-reliable and uninterrupted service.
Among these classes, class 1 and 2 are often followed.

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PCB Fabrication are prepared and ready to deliver the finest quality items that our clients have generally expected.

Hamptons Real Properties: Well-Defined Wealth through Luxury Homes

When the economy is on its downturn, still there are some sectors in the market that are neither affected nor slumped. They remain encapsulated despite the tremendous shakedown in almost every areas of the economy. One of these is the luxury real estate like the Hamptons Real Estate in New York which targets wealthy buyers not only from the richest corner of Wall Street. Recently, buyers had come internationally, reaching out as far as the Middle East and Southeast Asia as well.

While agents of various real properties are scrambling to find buyers especially for foreclosed properties, agents working with very wealthy segments of the population are spared from financial uncertainties. These agents are smart in finding wealthy clients to buy their luxurious properties.

Defining Luxury Real Estate

Different nations varied in their definitions of what a luxury home is. In general, defining “luxury” is confined to the following considerations:

  • Area of the property plus floor area of the house
  • Waterfront properties
  • Accessibility or proximity to luxury amenities like golf courses
  • Market value of the property

Every country also has different assessment level on how they consider a property a luxury property. However, when your property is located in a well-defined luxury real estate locations like the Hamptons real estate, and then definitely that is considered a luxury property.

Hamptons real estate

A luxury property which includes a house and lot with higher property value, therefore, entails higher taxes to be paid. Luxury real estate properties can be found all over the world. In the United States, you can primarily find them in vast concentration in New York, Southern California, Hamptons Real Estate, Palm Beach, Westchester County, and Sun Valley.

Luxury Real Estate Companies

Luxury real estate companies, definitely have more concerns compared to ordinary real estate companies. Even in their scope of advertising, they go wider in scope as they have to reach out to international clients while also doing their marketing locally.

real estate

The extensive use of the internet in advertising and marketing had helped real estate companies especially with the geo-targeting feature provided by networks service providers.

Aside from marketing and advertising, luxury real estate companies also carry a broader legal concern. They are expected to be adept in dealing with lawyers and addressing some buyers’ issues over anonymity in order to survive in the business. In overall, running a luxury real estate requires ultra-personalized and the highest customer service performance.

Buying Luxury a Property

In choosing your luxury home to buy, you need first to seek for a real estate company that specializes in selling luxury properties. The Hamptons real estate, for example, is being offered by many of them. You just need to identify one that can cater to the kind of property you’re looking for.

While making your selection, you need to be sure that the luxury real estate has a global marketing reach. What should this luxury property seller do for you?

  • Discuss with you in details home requirements as well as preferences in location and style. Budget is also an important factor that needs to be discussed. Even very rich clients have the budget as their point of reference in selecting a property they want to buy.
  • The company must locate and show you luxury homes suited to your preferences – price, style, size and location.
  • Assists you in critically evaluating the viewed properties and you may request from them a comparison chart on the properties to help you in assessing the best one based on their advantages and disadvantages.
  • Provide you with historical backgrounds on the property and must not hide anything that may affect the future value of the land.
  • Must handle all the details and negotiations related to the purchase of the property.
  • Follow through until you become the legal owner of the property.

While you now have sufficient knowledge on how to choose you luxury property, the Hamptons real estate is definitely something you can start with. It is known to be the choice of the rich and famous, not to mention the playground and hideaway for the Wall Street elites and Hollywood’s celebrities.

The hamptons real estate services given by li-realestatefinder also offers an enticing collage of green farms, vineyards, golf and country clubs, and most especially, some of the most sought-after addresses and zip codes in the East Coast. With its East End of the Long island portraying an elegant and a tranquil setting, it surely fits everyone’s lifestyle and temperament.

The Varying Types and Features of Rubber Bracelets

As a famous type of jewelry, bracelets come in different kinds: charm bracelets, bangles, friendship bands, and many others. One of them, however, has gained popularity for its flexibility, simplicity, and usability. Rubber bracelets are not uncommon these days. In fact, since 1980s, they have become one of the famous accessories worn by people of different ages and genders for different purposes and occasions.

As we’ve proven firsthand, the material used to create this type of bracelet, and the wide choices of styles it gives even made it more sellable for consumers.

Rubber BraceletsRubber bracelets, also called “gel bracelets”, are elastic accessories that are commonly made of silicon. Water and heat resistant, they usually come in different dimensions.

Classic gel bracelets are typically half an inch wide and 0.1 inch thick with a circumference of around seven to eight inches. There are also silicone bracelets that are either wider, usually one inch in width, or thinner (1/4 inch) than the classic ones. Some bracelets are smaller than the typical silicone wristbands, around six inches in diameter, especially made for children that are around six to ten years old.

They may also vary in colors, prints, and styles. Aside from the usual single- and multi-colored bands, there are glow-in-the-dark silicone wristbands that are usually in green and blue tints. Swirled bands, on the other hand, mix several colors to create a pattern that gives a more appealing effect. There are also dual colored and dual layered bands in which two sides have different colors from each other.

Although there are blank silicone wristbands, texts, phrases, or clip arts are commonly found in most gel bracelets and may come in different styles. Imprinted bands, for example, contain texts that are screen-printed or applied directly to the rubber’s surface. Some have the texts embossed or debussed so that they appear more intricate than the screen-printed bracelets. Embossed wristbands contain raised lettering while debussed wristbands have the letters sunken in and may or may not be filled with colors. There are also die-cut or figured bracelets that accommodate and give emphasis to logos or clip arts. Silicone bracelets are also used for more technologically advanced accessories such as LED Digital Watch and wearable fitness trackers.

Since most of these bracelets are made of silicone rubber, they are generally resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. Even in -55 to +300 degree Celsius, silicone rubbers still maintain their useful properties, making it last for years. Aside from its durability, gel bracelets are also lightweight and washable, making it a better option for those who want long-lasting and comfortable accessories. Rubber bracelets do not pose great harm to its wearers, especially to children, as silicone, a synthetic polymer, are considered food-safe substances.

They come in different prices, ranging from US $0.15 to US $1, depending on the style, design, and type of the bracelet. However, prices are still reasonable compared to other kinds of accessories. Apart from being inexpensive, most silicone wristbands can also be easily customized depending on personal needs and wants, considering that these types of bracelets undergo easier molding process. One can personalize a wristband’s color, texts, or pattern to make it look more unique from other wearers’ bracelets.

silicone wristbandsRubber bracelets can be found and are available almost everywhere. Usually bought in bulk, they can easily be ordered online or can be bought from any accessory shops.

The growing demand for these kinds of bracelet allows growth in various jewelry manufacturers and silicone companies. Since silicone rubber is a considerable adaptable material and since large quantities of bracelets can also be produced through simpler processes, they provide essential earnings for many jewelry manufacturers.

Aside from being used as fashion accessories, rubber bracelets are effective in raising awareness about various issues or in supporting different groups or events, which was one of the reasons why these types of wristbands are also called “awareness bracelets.”

Silicon bracelets are also being studied due to its supposed effectiveness in recording one’s exposure to chemicals in air, in water and in various personal care products because of its ability to absorb organic chemicals from the surrounding, making it more popular not only for its appeal in fashion, but also for its contribution to the field of science.

Lanyards Are Effective And Affordable Promotional Items

A lanyard can often be seen in offices, conferences, and school. They are now also used as promotional items. Most people have seen one with a company’s name and logo imprinted on it. With the use of a lanyard, building a company name and brand can be done easily, especially for those who are having difficulty to allot some budget for promotional activities. For organizations that do not have a sufficient budget for expensive promotional products like bags, branded pens, and conference holders, lanyards can be the best alternative promotional gift.

A lanyard is a short rope or cord that people often wear around the neck to carry something. Usually, it is used when an object needs to be visible all the time or there is a risk of losing this object. A lanyard is seen everywhere – from IDs to mobile phones and USB sticks – there are lots of other items that dangle from it. However, a lanyard is not only limited to these uses.

Purchasing Promotional Lanyards

You can fully customize a promotional lanyard; you could choose the design, color, material, attachments, length, width, and thickness. Moreover, you can add accessories such as buckles, badge holders, and badge reels. Some of the lanyard materials include bamboo, cotton, polyester, recyclable plastics, satin, and silk. It would also be up to you if you want the lanyard thick or thin, wide or narrow, and woven or printed.

A lanyard is really helpful to every class of people. Depending on a person’s line of work, there will be certain requirements for a lanyard. For instance, there are available beaded and multi-colored lanyards, but they are not suitable for lawyers and doctors. So, it is important that the design fits the recipient of a promotional lanyard.

Custom LanyardsThe lanyard can be printed in any color of your choice on both sides. It will allow you to print your company name, logo, slogan, and if necessary, you can also put your contact information. On the average, the length of a lanyard is 36 inches, and if you use both sides, you can take advantage of 72 inches of printing space. It may be difficult to look for any other personal item that has display value and cost effective at the same time.

Effectiveness of Promotional Lanyard

Here are some of the values that a promotional lanyard could give you:

Easily spreads information

It can easily spread information to your target market. The lanyard can go anywhere the individual wearing it goes, so you do not have any limits to the places you could advertise. Lanyards are capable of promoting your company not just within your city, but also outside and even abroad. You could give a lanyard to anyone, including a traveller to keep their watch, camera, and compass.


Anyone will gladly accept your promotional lanyard since many of them are most likely tired of getting lots of useless promotional gifts from other companies. Rather than repeatedly seeing boring ads on TV, people would like to receive personalized useful items as gifts. For instance, teachers can use a lanyard to carry around their pens, so they would not leave them anywhere. In the same way, teenagers can easily access their mobile phone using a lanyard.


Lanyard costs only a fraction of other advertising methods. Rental space and ad placement for a certain period could be extremely costly, so is promotion on TV, radio, and print. Plus, a lanyard does not stay in one place; it goes anywhere, and that is a really effective advertising. There is a greater chance to increase your sales because more people can see the lanyard.

Because of the aforementioned advantages, it is no surprise that lanyards are receiving more attention and getting more audience as a promotional item.

Top 5 Reasons for Using Award Pins

For many employees with difficult jobs entailing long hours, burnout is a common occurrence. Most employees in the medical profession or the service industry can attest that the gruelling work is often unnoticed and taken for granted. For people who work graveyard shifts or even regular working hours, that require difficult skills, these pins can be a life changing and welcome treat.

award pinsAward pins often provide numerous benefits that can improve employee morale as well as give the necessary appreciation that most individuals appreciate. Companies reap the rewards as well because employees become motivated. They feel valued by the top bosses and provide a concrete view of what is expected of them and what these companies value the most. At a glance, the pins provide a high, yet reachable standard for the employees to achieve.

What are the top 5 reasons for using these pins?

  1. Giving these pins recognizes exceptional efforts in employees. It sets the tone that mediocrity is never an option and that excellence translates to rewards and honors. Most employees who are hard working and whose efforts are recognized are motivated to do more and will rise to any challenges that come their way. They serve as good role models for their peers and the community they work in. When companies honor their workforce, employees see it as a motivation to work harder and go the extra mile to get the job done. In the end, companies, employees and customers are all benefited.
  2. Award pins can be worn as part of employees’ office attires to serve as a day-to-day reminder of what they had accomplished and the hard work that was done to earn such prestige. Since these pins are considered to be accessories or jewelry, these can be worn regularly. It also relays a message of quality that both peers and customers can see. Other employees who see their co-workers wearing these pins are also reminded of what can be achieved as a team player and as a valued member of an organization.
  3. For many companies with monetary constraints, using these pins is an inexpensive way to reward their employees for exceptional work. Unlike cash, travel or other expensive incentives that can take a toll on the company’s budget, these pins are very cost-effective. Depending on the artwork and kinds of materials involved, these are affordable and easily fit into the company budget. The company’s logo can also be used so that there’s no need for additional costing to be paid for additional designs. Most pin manufacturer ships for free and may even offer free design services for bulk orders. The most common pin styles include the following:
  • Soft enamel
  • Die struck
  • 3D
  • Epola
  • Offset
  • Cloisonne
  • Photo etched
  1. Award pins are valued in the industry and are worn prominently by the receiver. Employees are proud to wear these tokens which recognize their valued years of service in the workplace. These people usually display their commitment to the organization and are vocal in praising the company. For many employees who interact with customers frequently, these kinds of praises boast customers’ trust and loyalty to the brand. When these valuable pins are worn, they offer repeat exposure and also serve as a walking advertisement for the company.
  2. Award pins impact a lot of people because of its high perceived value from people in the industry. These simple pins evoke dedication, loyalty and commitment. Representing a non-financial reward, it is nevertheless esteemed and generates a tremendous amount of goodwill. The prestige it brings to recipients can’t be exchanged with monetary value.