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The Varying Types and Features of Rubber Bracelets

As a famous type of jewelry, bracelets come in different kinds: charm bracelets, bangles, friendship bands, and many others. One of them, however, has gained popularity for its flexibility, simplicity, and usability. Rubber bracelets are not uncommon these days. In fact, since 1980s, they have become one of the famous accessories worn by people of different ages and genders for different purposes and occasions.

As we’ve proven firsthand, the material used to create this type of bracelet, and the wide choices of styles it gives even made it more sellable for consumers.

Rubber BraceletsRubber bracelets, also called “gel bracelets”, are elastic accessories that are commonly made of silicon. Water and heat resistant, they usually come in different dimensions.

Classic gel bracelets are typically half an inch wide and 0.1 inch thick with a circumference of around seven to eight inches. There are also silicone bracelets that are either wider, usually one inch in width, or thinner (1/4 inch) than the classic ones. Some bracelets are smaller than the typical silicone wristbands, around six inches in diameter, especially made for children that are around six to ten years old.

They may also vary in colors, prints, and styles. Aside from the usual single- and multi-colored bands, there are glow-in-the-dark silicone wristbands that are usually in green and blue tints. Swirled bands, on the other hand, mix several colors to create a pattern that gives a more appealing effect. There are also dual colored and dual layered bands in which two sides have different colors from each other.

Although there are blank silicone wristbands, texts, phrases, or clip arts are commonly found in most gel bracelets and may come in different styles. Imprinted bands, for example, contain texts that are screen-printed or applied directly to the rubber’s surface. Some have the texts embossed or debussed so that they appear more intricate than the screen-printed bracelets. Embossed wristbands contain raised lettering while debussed wristbands have the letters sunken in and may or may not be filled with colors. There are also die-cut or figured bracelets that accommodate and give emphasis to logos or clip arts. Silicone bracelets are also used for more technologically advanced accessories such as LED Digital Watch and wearable fitness trackers.

Since most of these bracelets are made of silicone rubber, they are generally resistant to extreme environments and temperatures. Even in -55 to +300 degree Celsius, silicone rubbers still maintain their useful properties, making it last for years. Aside from its durability, gel bracelets are also lightweight and washable, making it a better option for those who want long-lasting and comfortable accessories. Rubber bracelets do not pose great harm to its wearers, especially to children, as silicone, a synthetic polymer, are considered food-safe substances.

They come in different prices, ranging from US $0.15 to US $1, depending on the style, design, and type of the bracelet. However, prices are still reasonable compared to other kinds of accessories. Apart from being inexpensive, most silicone wristbands can also be easily customized depending on personal needs and wants, considering that these types of bracelets undergo easier molding process. One can personalize a wristband’s color, texts, or pattern to make it look more unique from other wearers’ bracelets.

silicone wristbandsRubber bracelets can be found and are available almost everywhere. Usually bought in bulk, they can easily be ordered online or can be bought from any accessory shops.

The growing demand for these kinds of bracelet allows growth in various jewelry manufacturers and silicone companies. Since silicone rubber is a considerable adaptable material and since large quantities of bracelets can also be produced through simpler processes, they provide essential earnings for many jewelry manufacturers.

Aside from being used as fashion accessories, rubber bracelets are effective in raising awareness about various issues or in supporting different groups or events, which was one of the reasons why these types of wristbands are also called “awareness bracelets.”

Silicon bracelets are also being studied due to its supposed effectiveness in recording one’s exposure to chemicals in air, in water and in various personal care products because of its ability to absorb organic chemicals from the surrounding, making it more popular not only for its appeal in fashion, but also for its contribution to the field of science.

Lanyards Are Effective And Affordable Promotional Items

A lanyard can often be seen in offices, conferences, and school. They are now also used as promotional items. Most people have seen one with a company’s name and logo imprinted on it. With the use of a lanyard, building a company name and brand can be done easily, especially for those who are having difficulty to allot some budget for promotional activities. For organizations that do not have a sufficient budget for expensive promotional products like bags, branded pens, and conference holders, lanyards can be the best alternative promotional gift.

A lanyard is a short rope or cord that people often wear around the neck to carry something. Usually, it is used when an object needs to be visible all the time or there is a risk of losing this object. A lanyard is seen everywhere – from IDs to mobile phones and USB sticks – there are lots of other items that dangle from it. However, a lanyard is not only limited to these uses.

Purchasing Promotional Lanyards

You can fully customize a promotional lanyard; you could choose the design, color, material, attachments, length, width, and thickness. Moreover, you can add accessories such as buckles, badge holders, and badge reels. Some of the lanyard materials include bamboo, cotton, polyester, recyclable plastics, satin, and silk. It would also be up to you if you want the lanyard thick or thin, wide or narrow, and woven or printed.

A lanyard is really helpful to every class of people. Depending on a person’s line of work, there will be certain requirements for a lanyard. For instance, there are available beaded and multi-colored lanyards, but they are not suitable for lawyers and doctors. So, it is important that the design fits the recipient of a promotional lanyard.

Custom LanyardsThe lanyard can be printed in any color of your choice on both sides. It will allow you to print your company name, logo, slogan, and if necessary, you can also put your contact information. On the average, the length of a lanyard is 36 inches, and if you use both sides, you can take advantage of 72 inches of printing space. It may be difficult to look for any other personal item that has display value and cost effective at the same time.

Effectiveness of Promotional Lanyard

Here are some of the values that a promotional lanyard could give you:

Easily spreads information

It can easily spread information to your target market. The lanyard can go anywhere the individual wearing it goes, so you do not have any limits to the places you could advertise. Lanyards are capable of promoting your company not just within your city, but also outside and even abroad. You could give a lanyard to anyone, including a traveller to keep their watch, camera, and compass.


Anyone will gladly accept your promotional lanyard since many of them are most likely tired of getting lots of useless promotional gifts from other companies. Rather than repeatedly seeing boring ads on TV, people would like to receive personalized useful items as gifts. For instance, teachers can use a lanyard to carry around their pens, so they would not leave them anywhere. In the same way, teenagers can easily access their mobile phone using a lanyard.


Lanyard costs only a fraction of other advertising methods. Rental space and ad placement for a certain period could be extremely costly, so is promotion on TV, radio, and print. Plus, a lanyard does not stay in one place; it goes anywhere, and that is a really effective advertising. There is a greater chance to increase your sales because more people can see the lanyard.

Because of the aforementioned advantages, it is no surprise that lanyards are receiving more attention and getting more audience as a promotional item.

Top 5 Reasons for Using Award Pins

For many employees with difficult jobs entailing long hours, burnout is a common occurrence. Most employees in the medical profession or the service industry can attest that the gruelling work is often unnoticed and taken for granted. For people who work graveyard shifts or even regular working hours, that require difficult skills, these pins can be a life changing and welcome treat.

award pinsAward pins often provide numerous benefits that can improve employee morale as well as give the necessary appreciation that most individuals appreciate. Companies reap the rewards as well because employees become motivated. They feel valued by the top bosses and provide a concrete view of what is expected of them and what these companies value the most. At a glance, the pins provide a high, yet reachable standard for the employees to achieve.

What are the top 5 reasons for using these pins?

  1. Giving these pins recognizes exceptional efforts in employees. It sets the tone that mediocrity is never an option and that excellence translates to rewards and honors. Most employees who are hard working and whose efforts are recognized are motivated to do more and will rise to any challenges that come their way. They serve as good role models for their peers and the community they work in. When companies honor their workforce, employees see it as a motivation to work harder and go the extra mile to get the job done. In the end, companies, employees and customers are all benefited.
  2. Award pins can be worn as part of employees’ office attires to serve as a day-to-day reminder of what they had accomplished and the hard work that was done to earn such prestige. Since these pins are considered to be accessories or jewelry, these can be worn regularly. It also relays a message of quality that both peers and customers can see. Other employees who see their co-workers wearing these pins are also reminded of what can be achieved as a team player and as a valued member of an organization.
  3. For many companies with monetary constraints, using these pins is an inexpensive way to reward their employees for exceptional work. Unlike cash, travel or other expensive incentives that can take a toll on the company’s budget, these pins are very cost-effective. Depending on the artwork and kinds of materials involved, these are affordable and easily fit into the company budget. The company’s logo can also be used so that there’s no need for additional costing to be paid for additional designs. Most pin manufacturer ships for free and may even offer free design services for bulk orders. The most common pin styles include the following:
  • Soft enamel
  • Die struck
  • 3D
  • Epola
  • Offset
  • Cloisonne
  • Photo etched
  1. Award pins are valued in the industry and are worn prominently by the receiver. Employees are proud to wear these tokens which recognize their valued years of service in the workplace. These people usually display their commitment to the organization and are vocal in praising the company. For many employees who interact with customers frequently, these kinds of praises boast customers’ trust and loyalty to the brand. When these valuable pins are worn, they offer repeat exposure and also serve as a walking advertisement for the company.
  2. Award pins impact a lot of people because of its high perceived value from people in the industry. These simple pins evoke dedication, loyalty and commitment. Representing a non-financial reward, it is nevertheless esteemed and generates a tremendous amount of goodwill. The prestige it brings to recipients can’t be exchanged with monetary value.